Stroom Network’s Public Testnet for Bitcoin Liquid Staking Goes Live

Stroom Network’s Public Testnet for Bitcoin Liquid Staking Goes Live

After months of hard work and preparations, Stroom Network's public testnet for Bitcoin Liquid Staking has been officially rolled out!

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Today marks a milestone moment for Stroom Network and the broader cryptocurrency community. After months of hard work and preparations, our public testnet has been officially rolled out!

This post will guide you through the essence of testnets, the journey and innovations of Stroom Network, and how you can play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital currency.

Understanding Testnets

Testnets serve as experimental playgrounds, essential for the development and testing of blockchain projects before they go live on the mainnet. These platforms allow developers to identify bugs and optimize performance in a risk-free environment, ensuring the network's stability and security.

Testnets mirror the mainnet environment, providing a valuable tool for users to familiarize themselves with the network's functionalities without risking actual assets.

Stroom Network's Journey to the Testnet

The primary mission of Stroom Network is to enrich the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing users with the tools to utilize their Bitcoin holdings more effectively. Our unique approach to liquid staking facilitates a trustless environment where Bitcoin can flow freely between the Lightning Network (LN) — a Bitcoin Layer 2 that enables faster and cheaper transactions — and Ethereum, thus opening a host of possibilities across the world of decentralized finance (DeFi).

By staking Bitcoin with Stroom, users can earn native BTC yield on the Lightning Network, while also leveraging the power of decentralized finance without compromising on liquidity. This initiative not only supports the Bitcoin ecosystem's growth but also offers users a new avenue to maximize the potential of their BTC holdings.

Stroom Network embarked on this mission with a clear vision: to contribute to the enhancement of the LN’s and unlock new horizons for Bitcoin in the DeFi space. From conceptualization to the current launch of our testnet, the journey has been filled with challenges, learning, and innovation.

How to Participate in the Testnet

Participating in Stroom Network's testnet is straightforward and open to all who wish to contribute to the development of this innovative project. Here's how you can get involved:

Prepare Your Environment: Follow the detailed instructions on our Stroom Testnet Guide to set up your environment for testnet participation.

Engage and Experiment: Explore the features and functionalities of the testnet. Your engagement is crucial in identifying potential issues and areas for improvement.

Provide Feedback: Share your experience, feedback, and suggestions with our development team. Your input is valuable in refining the testnet and preparing for a seamless mainnet launch.

Goals and Expectations

The launch of Stroom Network's testnet marks a significant step towards achieving our goal of enhancing the Lightning Network's liquidity and expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem's DeFi capabilities. We aim to gather comprehensive feedback, identify and fix bugs, and fine-tune the network's performance. Your participation and feedback are vital in this collaborative effort to build a robust, user-centric platform.

How the Community Can Contribute

The Stroom Network community is at the heart of our project. We invite you to join our social media channels and dedicated chat groups on our Discord channel to connect with other testers, share insights, and discuss your experiences. Your involvement is key to the testnet's success and the network's future development.

As we continue to innovate and improve, Stroom Network will be introducing new features and updates to our testnet. We strongly recommend following our X account to stay informed about these important updates and ensure you don't miss out on any enhancements that could benefit your testing experience.


By participating in the testnet, you're contributing to the development of a protocol that promises to unlock new DeFi possibilities, enhance liquidity of the Lightning Network, and offer rewarding opportunities for Bitcoin holders.

We're excited to embark on this journey with you. Together, we can pave the way for a more liquid, inclusive, and innovative future in digital currency. Join us in testing, shaping, and revolutionizing the landscape of the Lightning Network and Bitcoin DeFi.

Your participation, feedback, and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind this endeavor. Let's unlock the future of Lightning Network liquidity together. Welcome to Stroom Network's testnet!

To learn more about Stroom, access detailed information about our technology, or explore how you can join the ecosystem, visit the following resources:

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