Stroom Network Rolls Out Testnet Point Program, Token Convert Functionality

Stroom Network Rolls Out Testnet Point Program, Token Convert Functionality

Explore the latest enhancements to the Stroom Network, where we introduce our innovative testnet point program and versatile token conversion functionality.

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It's been some time since we announced our testnet launch on March 21. You have been able to experience our Galxe campaign and test basic functionality in our app. We feel it's time to move on and bring something new for you, our fellow stroomers.

Today, Stroom introduces a new testnet point program. We designed it to be as simple as possible, yet fun to use and compete with other stroomers. Let's dive into this a bit and see how it works.

Stroom Network’s Testnet Point Program - How It Works

Before we go deeper, here’s a short glossary with the terms you need to know: 

Stroomer - a Stroom community member who participates in our testnet.

stPoint - stands for stroom point and represents what stroomers earn on the app for staking.

Leaderboard - a ranking table. It shows your place among other stroomers according to the amount of stPoints earned. 

You receive stPoints for Minting stBTC or Minting&Staking bstBTC. As the stBTC-bstBTC ratio isn’t fixed, stPoints for staking bstBTC will be calculated based on the amount of satoshis you deposited that day. 

We have a simple formula for transforming stBTC into points. Moreover, we encourage you to crack this formula. If you are able to do that and explain why exactly we chose these elements in the formula, you will receive a considerable amount of stPoints for doing that. 

To put it straight, the first person who guesses the formula and gives the correct explanation behind that will receive 5M stPoints. You can check our Twitter to get more info about that. 

The last important thing, your daily stPoint limit is set to 300k. At 10 a.m. each day, you will have a new opportunity to earn stPoints. We use the UTC+0 timezone, so don't be confused if the limit doesn't reset when your clock shows 10 a.m. The maximum amount of stPoints you can earn is 21M. This one is easy to guess why.

If you visit the Leaderboard, you can see your place among other stroomers, your total points accumulated, and your daily points collected. Your EVM wallet address, which you connected with to the app, serves as your nickname. 

How to participate

1) Visit Stroom app:
2) Connect your wallet to the Stroom app
3) Deposit testnet BTC
4) Mint stBTC or Mint&Stake bstBTC
5) Check your points at

Will there be a referral program for additional stPoints? 

Yes, there will be a referral program. We will announce the details and how to get your referral link in the coming weeks.

When will I get the rewards?

All rewards will be distributed after the mainnet launch. 

Convert Tokens

And that’s not all. We are also happy to introduce the token convert functionality that allows you to convert your stBTC into bstBTC and vice versa without first unstaking the tokens. Here how it works: 

1) Visit 
2) Click the “CONVERT” button at the top
3) Enter the desired amount
4) Click the “Convert” button on the exchange widget
5) Approve all transactions in the  wallet you connected to Stroom 

To learn more about Stroom, access detailed information about our technology, or explore how you can join the ecosystem, visit the following resources:

Official website:
Twitter (X):

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